In 1956, brothers Brenno and Carlo Pietranera establish F.lli Pietranera snc in Via Adua 10 in Reggio Emilia.


The Pietranera brothers, returning to Italy following a period spent working abroad, begin their business activity, focusing primarily on the production of barber chairs.
Their objective is to make the existing lines more modern and functional and therefore to update the range of equipment for barbershops.


Production continues with a focus on updating and is also extended to the ladies’ salons, distinguished by the search for quality and functionality, without losing sight of the real needs of hairdressers.
Right from the start, the objectives are to develop attentive and original research and to ensure precise quality control of all the stages in the production of each individual piece of salon furnishing units.


In the first part of this decade, the company makes an important change: the transfer to the new headquarters,
situated in the Villaggio Crostolo industrial area on a surface of around 2500 square metres.
Meanwhile, Pietranera becomes a public limited company and begins developing a concept that places the company in the avant-garde of these years:
ergonomics applied to hairstyling activity.
Equally innovative is the production of hydraulic pumps for raising the chairs and washing stations with ceramic basin.


In the second half of the Seventies, carrying forward the theme of work station ergonomics, Pietranera becomes the standard bearer for a new construction philosophy with the creation of new products tailored to the stylist: the electro-hydraulic chair, the Washpoint, and the first lines of furnishings and accessories in customised modular series, destined to orient the market towards the integral organisation of spaces and functionalities.


Research and production continue to develop innovation. The attention is focused on the technical performance of the hairdressing salon equipment. This is the year of the launch of a new concept: the Wen backwash unit with pedal control system aimed at energy savings in the use of the product and demonstrating the company’s sensitivity to environmental sustainability.


The significant results achieved provide further impetus to exploring new languages.
The new corporate image thus takes shape, on the occasion of Cosmoprof 2009 becoming increasingly unique and glamorous with the Pietranera ‘PALCO’. The undisputed protagonist of the event is the fabulous Pashà.


Attention to contemporary design and the passion for creativity lead the company forward in an ongoing search for furnishing proposals: special objects are created that respond to the tastes of the most modern design with the Cocò chair and to more aristocratic tastes with the Londra chair.


As shown by the products created, this period will show to be one of great success for the Pietranera brand. Integral design is the theme developed by Team Pietranera, realised with the Zonewash unit and the Zone chair. Object and function blend together and become Performance Design, the company’s true DNA.


It's the innovation year: Pietranera approaches the customers through the new and elegant internet website, together with the most famous social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.
Pietranera revamps itself looking forward and launching the new range Just Pietranera, a selection thought to create a new way to approach the market with young, fast and different products.  
It's the marriage between design and price, for a beauty salon restyling of lightness and style, the Pietranera unique style.
But it's also the year of the new products like the salon chair Se-X and the barber chair Om-X:  straight lines, good comfort and high performance in little space reflect the company concept “Performance Design for your salon”.
Pietranera presents also the new catalogue containing the whole range of products ;


This is the year of confirmations for Pietranera, which invests in activities at 360 degree having as main targets welcoming customers from all the world and spreading further its own brand.
In  March Pietranera successfully inaugurates the new 400 sq.mtr - showroom, where the product is the only protagonist of prestigious comfort areas.  To follow, Pietranera shows the “embossing”, important news which allow the customer to personalize the salon with the logo or salon name imprinted on chairs and washunits. With embossing is finally your salon unique everywhere.
Pietranera strengthens even more its international presence, taking part in international exhibitions such as Top Hair in Dusseldorf, Salon Look in Madrid and Intercharm in Moscau, one of the most important  exhibition for Russian and East Europe markets.
Always accordingly to the company mission, Pietranera presents the “VIP Area”, the new concept to make salons even more unique and exclusive. Less than 5 sq.mtr and thanks to a perfect functional integration of a selection of products, VIP area can indeed improve the salon performance and create a sensation of privacy and exclusivity.


Focus on design and innovation: the company leadership is once more confirmed by innovating projects.
Pietranera presents the communication concept: it permits to personalize the salon choosing the most strategic images improving also products performance: the final aim is to have a successful salon able to communicate and to satisfy the most demanding customers whilst attracting many more.
It’s also the year of the new Wen Prestige backwash unit, which evokes  the Wen line adding upholstered sides exalting the Italian craftsmanship and high level fabrics
Finally, Pietranera continues to take part into international beauty design exhibitions: this non-stopping activity strengthens further the leadership at international level.


A further development phase is launched and the company now operates three plants: one for producing chairs, wash stations, and equipment for hairdressing, one for the production of custom furnishings, and an area of 2000 square metres used as warehouse for ready delivery.


Pietranera participates as a sponsor in the World Championships of Hairdressing in Las Vegas.
Thanks to this and other prestigious appearances in the worldwide and European hairdressing championships, the company was able to display its high standards, available to stylists from around the world also over the course of the most demanding competitions.


Pietranera receives the export award from the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia.
This award recognises the company’s ability to anticipate the European and world market trends of the Eighties that give a glimpse of a new concept of salon design as a means for managing change and as a profit-oriented investment.


In the early ’90s, Giancarlo Ganassi takes the helm of the company and characterises it increasingly on the new concept of design products, the natural evolution towards furnishing accessories.
His management style is oriented towards innovation, with constant investments in research and technology aimed at growth and updating, always remaining at the service of stylists.


Rigorous control of the total quality of the product takes on further impetus "from the selection of the materials to the production technologies and assembly stages" to enable the brand to continue on a solid base and to be competitive on the European market under the banner of transparency and total quality.


Pietranera moves to the current headquarters in Via Masaccio in Reggio Emilia, on an area of 7200 square metres.
This is the year of the huge success of the ARCO chair, which inaugurates the new millennium and - as proudly affirmed in-house - is then imitated worldwide.


The production of the new millennium proceeds with the focus on functionality, interpreted through lines reflecting the newest trends: the SFERA chair is a shining example.
The various combinations of furnishings and the single pieces are situated halfway between object and service, between interior design and laboratory lay-out.


Shelving units and chairs "like the essential COBRA METAL" are the protagonists of the new Pietranera Concept, based on an interpretation of the space that combines essential elegance with a particular attention to the needs of those who work in the salon, but also of the clientele. Hair salon furniture for excellence.


As the most recent production also attests, the success earned with salons is the result of growth constantly oriented towards innovation, based on continuous investments in research and technology for Pietranera hairdressing salon equipment.
A result achieved thanks to the effective teamwork and camaraderie of all the company staff, who have led Pietranera to its accomplishments.


In conjunction with the company’s 50th anniversary, the Pietranera shareholdings are acquired by Messrs. Alberto Gatti and Daniele Tonelli, who immediately aim at increasing its prestige and quality standard.
To celebrate this important anniversary, Pietranera produces the Fifty chair, the restyling of a historical vintage Pietranera model.


In this period the company undertakes a path centred on improving the products and their production cycle of equipment for hairdressing.
In addition, new concepts are developed dedicated to the finishes and aesthetic details of certain products, thus giving the maximum prominence to the company’s Made in Italy principle.

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In 1956, brothers Brenno and Carlo Pietranera establish F.lli Pietranera snc in Via Adua 10 in Reggio Emilia.

"MISSION & VISION Producing high quality equipment and furnishings accordingly to our experience, working with passion in all we do."

Find out what "Performance Design" means to us

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