COD: 936

The system installed inside the basin, complete with plastic bowl for oil recovery, facilitates as many as three holistic treatments for psychophysical well-being and the beauty of skin and hair.
The Flower Water treatment consists of a gentle flow of aromatic waters enriched with essential oils, with soothing, softening and moisturising effects.
Snehana, an ancient Ayurvedic art, focuses on specific oils to nourish the skin and hair in depth, giving them softness, silkiness and shine.
Shirodhara, a powerful ayurvedic treatment, promotes psychophysical well-being through a holistic approach, inducing calm and deep relaxation. This ritual, dedicated to hairdressers, balances heat and energy throughout the body, nourishing the tissues and moisturising the hair with essential oils for an aromatic experience and a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity

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