Thanks to the VIP Area you can expand your range of special treatments with an appropriate dedicated area inside the salon,  in order to satisfy the most demanding customers whilst attracting many more.
VIP Area, typical of the Pietranera exclusivity, includes in the salon a technical and specialised compact space for unisex and men’s treatments.
Indeed, less than 5 sq.mtr with no rigid perimeter is necessary  to create the valuable sensation of privacy, also using the expert’s skill supported by Pietranera equipment, carefully selected for the VIP Area and aimed towards hospitality, relaxation and comfort, maximizing the value to the customer.
Inside this area, the multifunctional Om-X styling chair offers the highest technical service, combined with the mobile Washmaster wash unit.
Thanks to the perfect functional integration of these products, the operator can work within a reasonably limited space, satisfying the customer who sits comfortably on the chair.
Both exclusivity and customer loyalty will be a matter of course for clients who enjoy the experience of the VIP Area treatments “menu” , as follows:
 -  Shampoo  /  Cutting   /   Styling - Facial treatments - Pedicure preparation
 - Shampoo Relax (clean scalp, hair care shampoo)  - Make Up  - Expert advice
 - Permanent wave  - Manicure  - Men’s grooming
 - Hair care treatment (relaxer, with keratin treatment,essential oils)    - Pedicure - Relaxation
 - Anti- hair loss treatment     - Skin treatments preparation - Shaving
 - Bridal hairstyles  - Hair-treatment products - Colouring
Besides the Om-X salon chair and the Washmaster wash unit, the following accessories are also used in the VIP Area:
the ergonomic Dee stool with technical tray, the Pivot stool with technical tray, the Magnum Inox styling mirror, the Wally stainless steel trolley, the Vaporeon steamer, the Quartz sterilizer and the Expo Light styling unit. 

Maximize your customer’s experience with the VIP Area in less than 5 sq mt space: running your business was never easier

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Conceiving, designing, and constructing are our experience.
Being different in responding to the customer's needs through design and quality is our history.
Producing equipment and furnishings and seeking the uniqueness of the product and the salons, without neglecting concreteness, is our mission.
The passion that drives us day by day in our work makes us the ideal partner for the professional hair stylist.
A Pietranera salon has always represented worldwide an "objective of efficiency and prestige achieved".
"Performance design" for your salon.
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