Pietranera presents the new Wen Lift backwash unit: height adjustable simply by using the foot control, Pietranera patented, can be adapted to the operator’s height who can work comfortably, preventing muscular-skeletal problems.
Besides improved ergonomics for the operator, the WEN LIFT wash unit makes it easier for the client to get in and out of the chair: customers will be welcomed in the correct way.
It is also ideal for lengthy treatments like Hair Spa with the operator sitting on a stool: this permits the operator to work in a comfortable way keeping the vertebral column in the correct position. The Wen Lift Jet Massage version is planned to give pleasurable feeling to clients activating massage along the entire surface of the chair back, seat and footrest

Wen Lift is certified Carsat and respect the CE safety technical rules and safeguards the customer and operator from any responsibility.

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Conceiving, designing, and constructing are our experience.
Being different in responding to the customer's needs through design and quality is our history.
Producing equipment and furnishings and seeking the uniqueness of the product and the salons, without neglecting concreteness, is our mission.
The passion that drives us day by day in our work makes us the ideal partner for the professional hair stylist.
A Pietranera salon has always represented worldwide an "objective of efficiency and prestige achieved".
"Performance design" for your salon.
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