from Saturday 22 March 2014 to Sunday 23 March 2014

Pietranera, thanks to the quality and design of its products  100%  Made in Italy, confirms once more the appreciation of its brand at international level.

The Pietranera stand, classic and elegant, took the attention of visitors from all over the world, who finally had the opportunity to sit on the equipment, admired for the high standard quality.

Among the new Pietranera proposals, very admired the design of the new Wen Prestige backwash unit, in black skay and white seams, to empathize even more the high upholstery work; the Comfort styling chairs, with its completely removable lining and the slim-shaped Leaf stool. To follow, the best-sellers Pietranera products, as the Pashà 2-seaters, the Londra Optima and Zone styling chairs, unique for its comfort, performance and design, then the Light styling unit.

Among the new Just Pietranera proposals, the new Zone Wash Pro backwash unit, complete with air massage on the whole chair surface, the Doney styling chair with its young and charming design, the bright Party Image cashdesk, which can be personalized with the image wanted by the customer, and the Veil Pral and King Tecno Pral Black styling units, with matt white Pral shelves. All products on the stand were upholstered with the unmistakable Pietranera Skai,  using in this case the new range of Special colours.

Pietranera surprised also this time the Top Hair visitors with its high quality products

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Conceiving, designing, and constructing are our experience.
Being different in responding to the customer's needs through design and quality is our history.
Producing equipment and furnishings and seeking the uniqueness of the product and the salons, without neglecting concreteness, is our mission.
The passion that drives us day by day in our work makes us the ideal partner for the professional hair stylist.
A Pietranera salon has always represented worldwide an "objective of efficiency and prestige achieved".
"Performance design" for your salon.
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